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External Sermons

Below are our links to video sermons from other churches which we have recently shown at Hebron.

Double click to be taken to the YouTube site.

Clare Thompson - False Friends (3) Escapism

Clare Thompson - False Friends (2) Performance Orientation

Clare Thompson - False Friends (1) Self Pity

David Mitchell - Spiritual Gifts

Rachel Riddall - Scripture and Story

Rob Scott Cook - Learning with Elisha

David Mitchell - Living in Enemy Territory

Clare Thompson - Kingdom Community

David Mitchell - Truth Encounters: Pilate

Rob Scott-Cook - Truth Encounters: Disciples

David Mitchell - Trinity and Unity

David Mitchell - Learning with Daniel

Rachel Riddall - Learning through Hardship

Clare Thompson - The goodness of God

Rachel Riddall - Why follow Jesus

Clare Thompson - Truth encounters: Nicodemus

Rachel Riddall - Apprentice: Praying

Hannah Mitchell - Amazing Grace: Grace for Suffering

Pam Scott-Cook - The Way of Faith

David Mitchell - Temptation

Rob Scott-Cook - Here comes the Son

Pam Scott-Cook - Bearing the Image

Rob Scott-Cook - Confidence

Pam Scott-Cook - The Soul at Rest

Simon Rotherham - The Thirsty Soul

Rob Scott-Cook - Communion

Deborah Marsh - Locked Safe

Pam Scott-Cook - Ultimate Love

Pam Scott-Cook - Worship