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'To know God and to make God known'

As a church we want to grow in our relationship with God and to invite other people to discover Him for themselves. We believe that God revealed Himself in the life of Jesus to make all this possible. We are evangelical Christians and this means that the Bible is the basis to everything we believe and teach.  We aim to be a church where all people can feel welcome and can know that they 'belong'.

We are a church made up of people who mostly live in the village. Life these days is fragmented: we live in one place, work in another and worship God in yet another. At Hebron we choose to worship and serve God together in the village where we live and be “community in the community” rather than commute to church. Consequently, Christians at Hebron are from many different church backgrounds and denominations – held together by the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and by a commitment to the local community.

Many things separate people in our society – gender, race, age gaps, employed and unemployed, well educated and less well educated and so on. We believe that the love of God is able to overcome these divisions. Hebron is a place where we are all learning to appreciate our diversity and differences while not allowing them to divide us. This is both exciting and challenging. The love and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ is what holds us together and together we want to serve the people of the village and help them discover Jesus for themselves.


We believe that when we praise God together, His presence among us is made real and we encounter the living God. We affirm that the Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. We want to say clearly that the Lord is God in all places, at all times, over all peoples and in all circumstances.


We believe that God wants to give us His very best for our lives, families and community. He has invited us to pray and work with Him so that the blessings of Heaven are made real in the everyday experience of people here in our village. We pray that God’s values will be established in Long Ashton, and that His will may be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.


We believe it is right to say clearly what the Christian faith teaches – that it is God’s message for everyone and is “Good News”. Jesus Christ came into the world to reconcile all of us to the God who made us and cares about us. He has told us to go into the world and invite all who will listen, to know and experience the love of God.

Positive Action

We believe that we should be actively involved in the life of the community as a whole. The Bible describes how to live rightly with each other; in compassion and fairness. Jesus told us to be the light that overcomes darkness in society and we want to show His love for others in practical ways.